Business Excellence

Operating in the international domained business for more than 26 years, the company has gained a expertise with regards to quality and eminence for each product that the company has exported. A expertise head for each segment of products, makes it possible to concentrate and devlop the particular product to the best of the possibilities. However, not to sideline the glitches, the company drives business excellence through continuous improvement, innovation and teamwork across the organisation, with a special focus on devlopement of the employee in terms of his knowledge and work intellect.

The R&D team along with the purchase department has made it possible that we maintain the same level of quality with no major fluctuation. Being a ISO 9001 : 2008 organisation, we make sure that along with quality timely delivery is done to the customer.

Being in a domain, rich with agro and feed products, the climatic conditions and the international market fluctuations, play a major role in deciding the commercials. But, over the years the company has maintained a steady growth in terms of the quantity and the variety of products that it has exported. The company estimates to be exporting around 70 different products ( across all realm ) round the year to the major ports. The turnover and the rational growth has touched a dynamic scale of 80Mn US Dollars ( As of jan 2013). The continous strive of improvement in its process cycle and the zeal to introduce new products to cater new markets has always been the ultimate goal for the organsisation.

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