Food Product Domain

CEPL, understood the market demands and the importance of Indian food products in the foreign lands. Hence, it ventured into exports of Variety of food ingredients back in year 1995, with export of Sugar and Corn Starch. As of now, it is estimated that, we export a Min. of 50 different food products across the globe. This goes without saying that, CEPL has got a special accreditation for products such as Soya Flour and Maize Starch.

In 2013 the majority of our products met, or were better than, benchmarks set by the customer. Our commitment goes further: 18% of our portfolio by volume met the highest nutritional standards, based on globally recognised customers Audit reports for CEPL.

We being a highly quality oriented organization consider quality as our primal objective. Having an expertise in both animal feed and food products gives a leverage in delivering the products with better understanding. Quality assessment right from the procurement stage, handling stage and shipping stage makes the delivered product highly stable in terms of the quality that is being supplied.