International Products Division - Black Sea / West Africa

Chandrashekhar Exports is a global supplier of grains and feed ingredients to and from America, Africa, Europe and the Middle East since 2010. In this relatively short period of time, we have emerged as one of the market leaders in agribusiness supplies. Chandrashekhar Exports aims to provide quality, efficient and cost effective solutions responsive to all your Agri commodity needs.
As a global supplier of quality feeds and equipped with first-class customer service in a results-driven environment, Chandrashekhar Exports looks forward to a future of innovative nutritional developments and satisfied clients worldwide.

Over the years Chandrashekhar Exports has positioned itself as a premier source for high quality products. Our dedication to the client expands the range of possibilities. For instance, we use customer specifications as a way of extending our network of specialist suppliers to find products with bespoke modifications. This means, for example, finding modified products in line with customer specifications. From Florida’s citrus pulp pellets to African refined palm oils, working with grains is second nature to us. From this platform, we can source special quality goods in line with your precise needs.

Chandrashekhar Exports has made a presence in various countries by instituting its own offices. We have offices in

• Singapore
• Taiwan
• Malaysia
• Vietnam
• West Africa